Full Body Laser - Any 5 Areas - $549* Half Body Laser - Any 3 Areas - $399*


Am I A Candidate For Laser Hair Removal? 

With the industry gold-standard 810 Diode Laser, and its uniquely patented high repetition rate and low fluence delivery system, the Soprano Ice is the safest laser available for all skin types. the laser absorbs pigment in the hair, therefore, as long as the hair has pigment the area can be treated. Please arrange a consultation with our specialist to assess further. 

How many sessions will be needed?

 The typical course of hair removal treatment entails 6 to 9 sessions. However, most clients see a drastic reduction in hair within the first couple of treatments. The number of treatment sessions can also depend on the area being treated. The initial sessions should be 4-6 weeks apart, gradually increasing to 6-10 weeks apart. Also, in some cases a single treatment may be required for maintenance.

How Long For Treatment time?

Treatments can take anywhere from 10-15 mins for small areas (i.e. face, underarms, bikini), 15-25 mins for med areas (i.e. arms, shoulders, chest)., and 30-45 mins for large areas (ii.e. legs, back). 

Do I need to prepare my skin for hair removal treatments?

 Yes. The area MUST be shaved 12-24 hours prior to treatment. DO NOT tweeze, or wax the area for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to laser as it may prevent you from permission for treatment. Please arrive with clean skin that has not been applied with creams or ointments.  Also avoid using certain products such as retinoid or steroid creams or tanning products on the area, 24-48 hours prior to treatment. Furthermore, any prescribed or non- prescribed medication being used should be disclosed during  initial consultation.   

What can I expect from my laser treatments? 

Once arriving with clean shaved skin, the technician will apply a cold gel on the treatment area to cool it down for laser treatment. Upon completion of the treatment, the gel will be removed with a towel. The patient should then wear sunscreen as area can be sensitive in the sun.